Texas Real Estate Licensees:

Taking a Break from Real Estate Sales?

Consider TX Referral Alliance, Inc.


Open to anyone with a Texas real estate license, transferring your license to the TX Referral Alliance is a great way to earn income and continue to serve your friends, family, or neighbors.

While you are taking a break from active real estate sales and living your life, you can still use your database and sphere of influence to receive real estate referral commissions. Associates of the TX Referral Alliance do not engage in the real estate transaction, they only send buyer or seller referrals as directed by the referring Associate or allow experienced staff to place, track and manage with performing real estate brokerage companies across the United States.


The referral fee is a minimum of 25% off the top of the total commission on the referred side. For example:


$400,000 sale price x 3% = $12,000

Referral fee is 25% of $12,000 = $3,000

Referral Associate split is 80% of the 25% referral fee, or $2,400

TX Referral Alliance, Inc. split is 20% of the referral fee, or $600


Fee Structure:


  • $100 annual fee

  • $20.60 fee to transfer your license to TREC

  • No local, state, or national association dues

  • No errors and omissions insurance or MLS fees

  • Continuing Education (CE) must be kept current


The TX Referral Alliance is open to anyone holding a Texas real estate license.

NOTE: Members are responsible for any and all required Continuing Education (CE) requirements by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) for license renewal. Need help on how to check your completed or needed Continuing Education requirements with TREC? If so click here to watch a "how-to" video by TREC.

To find out how to become a part of our referral team, contact us:


Harold Decena, CRP




Kathy Darrow

TX Referral Alliance Liaison



Robin Higgins, GRP

Referral Manager



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